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Our performers select Egyptian names.  When the name selected has a specific meaning, that information is shown after the name.  


Khadija has performed at cultural events in the US and abroad since 1985. She was a guest performer at a reception in honor of former Secretary General Boutros Ghali at the United Nations and performed for numerous Nile cruises and events in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco & Greece.  Khadija travelled to study the folkloric dance and cultures of Egypt, Sinai Bedouin, Turkey, Sufi, Morocco and Tunisia.   She is on faculty at Cape Cod Community College where she teaches Egyptian Dance and Culture and Conversational Arabic as 3-credit courses.


Khalida (eternal) has trained in many dance styles throughout her life, but she never felt the joy she gets from Egyptian Dance. Her life changed when she walked into Khadija’s Middle Eastern Dance and Culture class at Cape Cod Community College. She immediately fell in love with the style and after a while she auditioned and joined Troupe Mirage. Egyptian dance is for every person no matter their age, body shape or dance ability, we dance for the joy and feeling of sisterhood.


Rania (queen) started taking belly dance classes with Khadija in 2013.  She enjoys the elegance of vintage style dance including dancing with a veil.  Rania also loves to take on new challenges such as learning to incorporate the precision required to beautifully with a sword.  “Belly dance is not only my hobby, it is always more than that, it is my life time passion”.


Naema (sleepy/dreamy) started taking Khadija’s classes in 2014 and joined the Troupe in 2015.  “I really love the grace and fluidity of the Egyptian style of belly dancing.  Everyone in class and in the Troupe are very supportive of each other.  I really enjoy the classes and dancing with the Troupe is just so much fun!”


Aisha (lively/womanly) first fell in love with Middle Eastern art in 2008 while observing a breathtaking performance of an Egyptian dancer in that mystical and fascinating country.  "There are many treasures on Cape Cod, but the opportunity to learn such graceful movements and beautiful culture from such a wonderful teacher as Khadija, who has it so deeply in her blood, is extremely unique. 

It is not only the dance, but all those supportive, warmhearted and joyful women who became my dear friends, which makes me so proud to be a member of Troupe Mirage Cape Cod."


Leyla (night/born at night)

I was first introduced to Egyptian Dance, when I attended one of my daughter's 

performances.  My daughter (Zeina) and Khadija asked if I would like to try one of her classes.  I started in 2014 and before joining, I had never learned a form of dance. This was new and exciting to me, 

it introduced me to moves/expressions that were all new to me.  It is a beautiful sisterhood of beautiful, caring,

supportive, kind women.  

Original Troupe

The Original Troupe Members -Samra, Khadija, Badriyya, Sayyida

These four Egyptian dancers established the troupe in 2011 with Khadija as the Director.  Originally named "Troupe Isis", the troupe was renamed "Troupe Mirage Cape Cod"  in 2016.

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