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(Katrina Valenzuela)

 Director of Troupe Mirage Cape Cod
& Author of 

'River of Stars, Nights of Jasmine'

In practice at Transformations Center on Barnstable Harbor, Cape Cod since 1980, Katrina Valenzuela, BFA, CHt, CIH, CTM is a certified hypnotherapist, writer, and faculty member of Stillpoint School of Intuitive Healing in NH.  For information about Transformations Center services and sacred site tours go to:


Katrina has written and lectured for The National Guild of Hypnotists, The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, The Mystic Roundtable of the United Nations, Spirit of Change Magazine, Cape Women Online, Zephyr Magazine and others. She is a board member of Cape Cod Writers Center and a member of National Pen Women in both writing and choreography.

A Graduate of The Museum School of Boston and Mass College of Art, Katrina was an adjunct faculty member of Cape Cod Community College where she taught Middle Eastern Dance, Egyptian Culture, and Arabic Language.  She was the advisor to the Cape Cod Community College dance club.

Khadija currently teaches Egyptian dance at Dream Studio Cape Cod in South Yarmouth, MA and she is the director of Troupe Mriage Cape Cod performing company.

Cane Dance on Nile Cruise.jfif

Khadija performing a cane dance on a Nile cruise.

Professor Valenzuela presents programs on Egyptian mythology at libraries, schools, and cultural centers. She has led over 40 tours and seminars in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Greece, Peru, Turkey, and Europe. 

Khadija's Pic.jpg

Khadija posing with an Egyptian camel

Meditation inside the Great Pyramid.

River of Stars, Nights of Jasmine, Katrina's first full-length novel, is a memoir and a spiritual adventure of mystical insight, humor and romance. 

River of Stars, Nights of Jasmine takes the reader to

Cape Cod, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine and Canada.


River of Stars, Nights of Jasmine is now available internationally! 

It is also available on Kindle.

Mystical adventure, humor, political intrigue, lots of romance!
If you love travel, Egypt, metaphysics, dance, you will love this journey!

Television Interview about

"River of Stars, Nights of Jasmine"

Watch Khadija's interview with Nancy Richard on "Books in the World" and become acquainted with Khadija and her world as depicted in "River of Stars, Nights of Jasmine".

Reader's Review about

'River of Stars, Nights of Jasmine'


"She magically and effortlessly dances her readers between worlds — ancient and contemporary, east and west, traditional and “new age” — as she tells the story of Kara, a courageous yet vulnerable healer, spiritual seeker, and sacred site tour guide. Her novel left me longing to make my own pilgrimage to Egypt. I highly recommend the book; it’s well worth the read!"

River of Stars - front & back cover.jpg
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