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(Formerly Troupe ISIS)

The Troupe, established in 2011, is a Cape Cod based Middle Eastern dance troupe specializing in Egyptian Dance.  The Troupe is led by Khadija (Katrina Valenzuela) and our goal is to inspire and bring joy to both dancer and audience.

Troupe Mirage Cape Cod performs at art openings, multicultural fairs, assisted living and retirement communities, business functions, fundraisers, weddings and more.  


Visit our Performances page for upcoming performances.  Watch our Videos to see a few Troupe performances, or visit our Picture Galleries for dance pictures.

To schedule Khadija and Troupe Mirage Cape Cod for your next event contact Khadija  by clicking on the "Contact Us" button below.

How to join Troupe Mirage Cape Cod

Dancers may audition to join the Troupe after attending a minimum of 3 consecutive months of Khadija's classes and by demonstrating a sufficient level of proficiency and dedication.

Why become a Troupe Member?

Our troupe is a sisterhood of supportive, non-judgmental women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  Our dance is a woman's story of her life and is the only dance form where as a woman grows older, the more valued she is as a dancer.  There is no age at which one stops dancing!


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